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It's a Dodl animation

This unique little bear can travel through time and space and even into your dreams. It’s here he will come to you, in times of need.

It's a Dodl studio

Recently relocated to an eco building, nestled in a nature reserve beneath the iconic Humber Bridge. We are taking a leaf out of our little hero's book. Everything we do is sourced and produced on this sceptred isle with careful consideration to our carbon footprint.

It's a Dodl family

Beneath the stairs live three little bears named Buttercup, Olly and Rocky and Mr. Augustus Merryweather, the little mouse who helps around the house.

It's a Dodl home

In Cobblestones, where he lives, there’s a bubble growing out of the house. In this he grows his own food. This compact little residence belies an impressive interior, fit for a bear who came from the stars.