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Dodl’s and Dottie’s first adventure

together is finally out!

This is the first of a series of books

encouraging children to be mindful,

to listen to their feelings and

to simply take their time.

Have you completed the 

activities at the end of the books?

Meet the Characters

Dodl is Dottie’s best friend, 

confidant, and playmate. 

He is her teddy bear! 

He has a heart shaped face 

and amethyst eyes.

But is he really just a toy?

 Dottie is a little girl 

with a big imagination.

She loves nature and animals 

but above all she loves her bear Dodl.

With him, every day is a 

new adventure!

Exciting News!

Dodl & Dottie launched at Kids Book Fest 2020 on the 7th and 8th of March, and what a great festival it was! 

It was lovely to share our passion for books with fellow bookworms, big and small 😊

Authors, illustrators, bookshops, publishers, script writers and many more came together to share their passion and show our little ones the endless possibilities there are in the book and creative industries.

Doodle with Dodl!

Do you want more Dodl?

Follow the link below to download free Dodl activities for your little ones!   


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