Call me Dodl

Hello my name is Dodl Bear  ...


And what an interesting time we are all living in. But before we get into all that, perhaps you would like to know more about me.

I introduced myself to Daisa in 2003. To begin with I was merely a face she saw when she was sat in meditation. I tried my best to give her a clear picture of me and I think she grasped it because here I am with a heart shape face, large amethyst eyes and purple paws.

Over the years I have found that Daisa always had a fascination with teddy bears, perhaps this was because she is distantly related to Sooty and Sweep (Harry Corbett’s creation), or again perhaps it’s because she used to live quite near to where Paddington Bear was created by Gabriel Designs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire where she would often wonder about the big Paddington sign that was fixed on the edge of the factory building.

Whatever the reason, like Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit, Daisa finds it difficult to distance herself from the thoughts I put inside her head from her own - very naughty I know!

Since 2003 Daisa has taken me everywhere with her, how can you separate us we belong with each other, and I also have a mission to fulfil which I can only achieve with her help. I admit I can be a precocious bear at times, if I think about something and Daisa doesn’t quite understand me, she gets a strong tingly feeling telling her that something is not quite right, and she needs to think again and correct my course.

So ever since my arrival in 2003 and after making a trip to Japan where we took the Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto I became aware of the smog and everyone wearing white face masks to protect their health. I was very curious and this set me thinking about what they were all frightened of breathing in and what was causing their concern.

Daisa visiting Japan, climbing Mount Kurama

So I began to find out about climate change and ever since then more and more events have been happening around the world such as hurricanes, floods, extreme cold and hot weather, wildfires, Tsunami’s and Tornado’s.

This is where my journey began and how I knew I could help by telling stories and encouraging the young people to take time to sit in quiet contemplation and listen to their own thoughts, feelings and understand how precious the planet is that we are all living on because everything, YES EVERYTHING comes from the earth.

So we need to be mindful about this and not take from it more than it can give. We need to find alternative ways to experience how we live here more ecologically.

I realise that many other bears who you may know of have paved the way for me because everyone loves a teddy bear, especially one with a mission and a message.

My mission is to help to bring attention to the chaos that the world is in. I have never seen as many cars, lorries, vans on the roads, everything is fast paced. People want an instant fix, convenient food, and a lifestyle that is depleting the earth of its resources. Planes are crowding the skies every second of every day, polluting the atmosphere.

So my intention is to speak through my writing to children and encourage them to be Mindful of who they are, what they can achieve, how they can grow and become wise citizens of the future who can make a difference. In order to do this, I need to tell you my story, so you can understand that I know what I am talking about.

Daisa and I have been together for many years now, and through this time I have had so many opportunities to learn and grow. For instance we lived in an Eco house called Cobblestones on The Field of Dreams in Scotland for three whole years. What an experience that was and I know it was very difficult and a great challenge for Daisa to be able to buy that house, but she did!

It was a time of learning and growing for both of us as we shared so many experiences with each other. We took walks along the beach, trips out to see the dolphins in the Moray Firth and lots of other adventures to the mountains and the lochs. We recycled as much as we could; bought our groceries from the local markets, shared food with our neighbours, bought refurbished furniture and exchanged goods in the Boutique.  We shared our car to take people to the railway station and airport or local shops and when we could we took part in the climate change meetings and community gatherings to get to know each other. It was great fun!

What I noticed very quickly was there wasn’t any smog in Scotland or people wearing protective face masks as the air was so clean and clear. We even saw the Aurora Borealis, the light was so special, but some of the men did wear kilts, so that was a bit strange until I got used to it. Being a part of Daisa’s life is a wonderful experience; she knows how important my ‘MISSION POSSIBLE’ is to me and the planet.

So it’s my purpose to encourage children to live each day mindful of their surroundings, their thoughts, words and actions and to inspire them to be as kind as possible. This will then help them grow and respect the earth and all the people who live on it. So this is why I am helping Daisa to write this, so that people know we have been on a mission since 2003 waiting for the right time to tell our story - which is NOW!

So please remember my name DODL BEAR … it is a very special name with a special meaning - Doing Ordinary Deeds Lovingly.


 When you see me, I trust you will remember me and my message:


0044 1652 661881

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