Daisa Morgan

Daisa is, the brain, the heart and the soul of everything Dodl is and everything he does.

Born in Yorkshire, living in North Lincolnshire by way of Findhorn, a small fishing village in the North East of Scotland. This is where she lived for three years within a fantastic Eco Community of like-minded people. Daisa's home was powered by wind turbines, solar panels provided heating and water was derived from a ‘Living Machine'. The opportunity of being surrounded by the Loch’s, Cairngorms and the huge expanse of nature really stimulated her creative inspiration. It is from these experiences that the adventures of DODL BEAR began.

Daisa's favourite bear is the Canadian Brown Bear...and of course Dodl!

The Dodl Studio Team

What's important to us

We love our planet and do as much as we can to protect it.

We relocated our offices into an eco friendly building, reduce our plastic usage and of course recycle! 

Dodl is a big supporter of climate protection too and in his adventures he highlights the importance to look after our environment every day to not only protect our planet but protect our tomorrow.

The environment


In a world that becomes more hectic every day, we value times in which we can focus our minds on the present moment. 

In his stories, Dodl aims to encourage his young readers to acknowledge and accept their feelings, to be aware of their actions and to take their time.

Making a difference

We believe that anybody can make a difference, no matter how big.

From smiling at somebody in the street to cleaning a beach, we decide how much impact we have. Only the sky is our limit!

Dodl is a bear who cares. He is kind, empathic and always wants to help. He motivates his best friend Dottie as well as his readers to think what they could do to improve their day or somebody else's.

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